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in commercial airspace is the question. >> it is more about regulatory than the technology. >> that is correct. the technology is here today to fly these -- what we call unmanned platforms -- in a fairly precise way. >> government is about 52% of rockwell collins business. coming up, the fight over frequent flyer miles is next. plus, are you ready? we are going to go to america's quietest town. [whispering] it is really quiet. ? >> in wild card today, aviation nation. there is so much happening in the world of flight. you have new jet makers trying to solve battery problems and other issues with machinery. the faa is weighing whether you can use smartphones during takeoff. we will start with a story that hits closer to home for business travelers, franca, all over the world. it is a case before the supreme court and it is about one man and his miles. >> rabbi binion ginsberg, a lecturer who travelers a lot. he was a member of the northwest airlines frequent flyer program. he had elite status and flew some 75 times a year and northwest kick him out of the program, which it says in its terms it
times are also known as the ppp. later biden is also expected a toy a technology company and attend a conference on women's role in the japanese economy. at the wedding dinner with daddy on tuesday night fighter will fly to beijing on wednesday to meet a tiny speck that is she thinking. by the globe and travel thursday to south korea. well investigators have found that a plane that crashed on sunday in new york city was traveling at me and eats three times the speed limits for that part of the track when when up the whales. the accident led to four people dead and more than sixty others injured cctv snake country has more from the scene of the class in the box trying to put the pieces back together again. paul wrote in a shell good in the bronx on something that can lead to train carrying one hundred and fifty passengers run off the tracks killing four and injuring dozens more aeronautics engineer ryan and i started singing stars in one of my eyes and i thought my goodness is it the word rebuilding economy annually. earlier this week from today. we really couldn't get out. the looks
, it's often said if you want to understand the latest piece of technology you should ask a child. but a new survey suggests that there is a price to be paid. let's go back to lauren. >> that's right. children may be one step ahead of their parents when it comes to the latest gadgets but it comes at a cost of traditional skills such as handwriting or spelling. >> it's playtime at this nursery, and these toddlers are exercising their coloring and drawing skills. they're also learning to cut and paste. not just with paper and glue but on computers. with technology being a central part of every day life they need to figure out how to point and click. >> this daycare facility in west london has a special technology course for children once a week. they learn on computers like this. by the time they reach school age they know how to navigate a keyboard and a computer mouse. but there are concerns that the early use of tablets and computers is making it difficult for children to learn tasks like using a pen and pencil and the use of a computer makes it difficult for children to learn ne
wrong, it's about to go be wrong. melissa: very optimistic of you. >> technologically, yes, you could do this today, periodly on a one-time -- immediately on a one-time case. you can't do this with hundreds or thousands of drones making multiple deliveries. and the biggest hurdle is the regulations involved. there is no regulatory framework for this type of commerce to take place in. technology always takes place before the regulatory framework. let me give you one quick historical example, orville and wilbur wright figure out how to fly, it wasn't until 1926 when the federal government established the safety and regulatory framework that allowed commercialization of aviation. we just don't -- melissa: yeah, for sure we don't know any of these thing, but, bruce, when i saw in this, you were the first person that i thought of because i hought what fantastic marketing and advertising. if these little things are flying all over the place, and shockingly they all say amazon prime. what a marketing opportunity, right? >> jeff besos got on national television during the most important shoppin
. >> it seems like there is a lot of technology involved. the drones would be completely self programmed. there would not be a human manipulating them. it would be a computer manipulating the drones and telling them where to go. would guidethey themselves with cameras and other advanced technologies. my guess is it will be an extremely limited markets at first and that it will take time to develop. my guess is it would be fairly expensive at the start, just to keep everybody from doing it at once. other thanre anyone jeff bezos, it would be discounted immediately. given the scale of his ambition, it is another indication of the head of amazon having to do everything bigger and better than everybody else. >> he is willing to take risks and try new things. amazon is willing to look at the and pay a little money up front to develop a long-term strategy. a lot of other companies want to see a profit really quickly and will not try these may be expensive projects that will have a long-term payoff. he has stuck to his guns on these projects. i think we will probably see it. >> thank you very m
, they are usually fierce competitors, but today they are a few of the big-name technology companies coming together, demanding strict new curbs on government surveillance. the national security agency checked far more user data than the companies realize. i am joined by a national technology reporter for the washington post. are the tech companies here motivated by principle or profit? >> i am guessing both. nobody likes having their stuff stolen, and that is what has happened here. it is bad business for users to think their information is going to be stolen if they give it to google or yahoo. they knew they were giving information to the u.s. government under court order. but the extent has taken this them by shock. data was selected from fiber on particular cables over southeast. >> what about the chance of a new law being passed? >> hard to know where this is going. the u.s. congress is not known for its efficiency. this has gotten the world's attention. i think the shape is early to tell, but i wouldn't be surprised to see some kind of act. >> doesn't the government have a case when it cease i
to innovate using technology to advance his work. >> hockney, at 76, shows no signs of slowing down, and in fact, he admits he is working as he can on a wide variety of projects. >> ifill: those are just some of the stories we're covering on tonight's "pbs newshour." >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> woodruff: this was touted as the biggest day of the year for online shopping, as hundreds of retailers tried to lure millions of holiday shoppers on cyber monday. early numbers suggested a sharp increase over last year, after a four-day holiday weekend that turned out to be disappointing. in a few minutes, we'll take a deeper look at the numbers and retailers' prospects. the u.s. su
accident and the new technology that could reduce the chance of disaster. on al jazeera america and join the conversation online @ajamstream. >> this isn't a new channel, this is a watershed moment in media for america. >> this entire region is utterly devastated. >> people our here are struggling. >> the fire jumped the highway we took earlier. >> your average viewer want's to actually understand how the health care law is going to help them or hurt them. >> they know they can get extremist bickering somewhere else. >> people say that we're revolutionary. our revolution is just going back to doing the best in journalism. >> this is the place to go watch high quality journalism, period. >> two former police officers are now on trial for beating the -- the beating death of a mentally ill homeless man in california. [screaming. >> the officers are facing charges from involuntary manslaughter to murder in the death of kelly thomas. two years ago, officers were seen on video punching and kicking the man at a bus depot. they say the man had been acting violently. another camera caught the rea
on computers. with technology being in the central part of everyday life, they also need to figure out how to point ant click. this care facility in west london has a special technology course for the children each week. they learn on computers like this. by the time they reach school age they know how to navigate the computer keyboard and the mouse. but it's making difficult for children to learn a simple task of 11ing a pen and pencil, or persevere at new things. own 53% of boys aged five are able to write simple stores or list at the expected level. in girls that number is 69%. the manager here says getting the balance right is essential. >> whether we provide scissors, pencils, felt tip or even brushes to do their painting we are teaching no skills. we are developing them grasping to palm ar grip or prepencil. i would say it's the balance of both. we've got to give children the exposure because technology is going to be their future as well. >> under a new early learning curriculum in the u.k, children are expected to use the range of technology used at home and in school. they are als
's where we are at this point. lisa, transportation experts have talked about technology that may, and we underline that, may have prevented the crash. what can you tell bus that? >> reporter: it's called positive train control, and it essentially takes over the train if the engineer fails to brake or slow down when he should. the ntsb says they have been pushing for this for decades, and they went so far as to saying it could have prevented this crash if it was on this train. it's mandated it's a few years away. >> lisa, thank you. it's political crisis that has changen thailand's capitol for a week. prime minister yingluck shinawatra ordered police to stop battling with anti-government protesters. the majority of the protesters are middle and upper class residents of bangkok who have been fighting with people from poor and rural areas who support the prime minister. now the protesters have accused the prime minister of being a proxy for her brother, former prime minister who was ousted in a coup in 2006. they accuse her government of being corrupt. we have more. >> reporter: it was expe
believes them. >> you have to think about the scale of amazon, if they deploy this technology, they'll do it on a high scale. the technology advances at amazon, and if the faa puts the infrastructure in place, i don't see why it wouldn't. >> an order is boxed in a warehouse, attached to the drone and sent to the delivery address. 5 pounds much weight is allowed. one of the technical issues. >> how do we make them safe, that they can't be hacked and will not fall out of the sky or run into something. >> provided that is ironed out privacy concerns will prop up. it should have a plan that is riggerous. it should articulate to the federal aviation body. >> folks took to twitter to comment. many made light of it. jim priest writes: there's also a parody twitter address for amazon saying: somebody actually did put up one of these yellow notes that they put on twitter saying: drone delivery would have to comply with faa rules. they will not be complete until 2015 as mandated by congress. until then, don't expect a package on your porch coming from the sky. >> even if the faa approves drone stri
rocket developed by space exploration technologies could be a game changer in a global industry worth close to $200 million a year. our washington correspondent report. --3, 2, 1 >> a successful launch after two previous attempts. the falcon nine rocket by space x. a new player enters the big- money commercial satellite market. if space x keeps up its game, the current front runners will have to watch their backs. to be as the potential major competitor. the large number of launches, up to 12 per year, and much lower rices could capture a lot of business that would go to other launch companies. >> the industry's leading companies know this could be a game changer. new head of -- >> i think everyone knows space x has a big contract with an asset. that is what allows them to offer a cheap price. the strategy of entering the market. we will face space x as we have other competitors. we have an enormous advantage in the eyes of our clients. it is the trustworthiness and availability. grasshopper, a rocket space x uses to find in technology. -- this is grasshopper. the mind behind paypal a
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in fukushima. they say the commission should also make sure nuclear technology is only used for peaceful purposes such as power generation and rsh. the experts plan to finalize their recommendations next week. >>> mexican nuclear safety officials say they located potentially dangerous radioactive material used for medical purposes. it had been removed from a stolen truck earlier in the week. the material cobalt 60 and the truck were found abandoned outside mexico city on wednesday. two armed men stole the vehicle on monday, not far from where the cargo was found. officials say the radioactive material had been removed from its protective container. authorities sealed off a 500 meter perimeter and sent a team in to recover it. cobalt 60 is used in cancer treatments and other medical applications. the international atomic energy agency has been urging countries to take steps to prevent the material from falling into the wrong hands. >>> japan's latest stimulus plan has been approved. it's supposed to further boost the economy. ron madison has the details on that. >> that is the hope, of co
and derailed in bridgeport, connecticut. some experts argue that the technology exists and could help prevent deadly accidents like sunday's derailment. jake ward joins us from san francisco with that. jake, what sort of technology are we talking about? >> john, it's called a positive control system. positive train control is where the ntsb i has been pushing for0 years. the combination of gps sensors, sensors in the tracks, control sensors and remote control in the trains to compensate when a driver has been disabled, incapacitated or not paying attention. >> is there any difference between passenger trains and freight trains and the technology that they have? >> well, the difference really has to do with just how incredibly dangerous a train can be depending on what it's carrying. we've seen in new york the dangerous situation where trains are full the people. but even trains without people on board canner dangerous. in 2005 in south carolina, there was a terrible crash in which a tanker full of chlorine basically atomized in the air and a cloud of this poisonous gas caused the evacuation o
the space program as a symbol of that going into national state is a technological advancements. i do still use the limits. china aims to establish a permanent space station by twenty twenty and eventually tantamount to the main. maybe now it is in your head up the delivery of your internet shopping was just too slow you are going to love. that's ahead of the adams on has just unveiled the future of deliveries and easy to press it. he wants to use what you've seen here these little after proctor media drones to fly small packages to consumers in just thirty minutes. the us retail giant said its products to require additional safety testing and federal approval but the nonsense what it's calling it a crime they are serving as could be up and running again for the wide effects. the key with the anti god or cares what you can take that to stay with us. like this it seems simple you can get complicated. some certainty when everything can change things can get difficult. so cleaning of the sea can give you a better view. see the inside story of the company. calls to the global economy twenty fou
by space exploration technologies could be a potential game changer in a global industry worth close to two hundred billion a year. washington course on the look rather reports. thirty two the successful launch off the two previous attempts for the falcon mine roll its points. great . a new player answers the big money commercial satellites market this place keeps up its game. the current from problems like francaise. i am next class will have to watch their backs. it's a potential tv the large number of want to say that leads you up that offered here. and much more watch places to advertise this chance to meet the capsule lot of pieces that would go to other wants since then. the industry's leading companies knew this could be a game changer among them the new head of the honest facts. everyone knows that state's has a contract that that's that's that's total of ten secs off her sheep rights. that's their strategy is entering the market. we will face this acts as we have other competitors that we have an enormous advantage in the eyes of our clients. it's the trustworthiness and availabi
technology is changing. what's next in online shopping. >> the woman behind the most read peace ever joining me on her day job. . > >>> . >>> welcome to al-jazeera america, iran's foreign minister is trying to assure leaders in the gulf states that a nuclear deal signed in geneva is in the region's best interest. my colleague sat down with the foreign minister who told him, iran will adhere to the proposed guidelines. >> iran will continue its enrichment at 5%, and iran will continue construction work at iraq. iran has agreed not to do certain activities that fall within the scope of this timetable and this plan of action. we have also agreed to provide specific rather thanniarrangeme eiea for them to continue. in fact, in most cases continue monitoring our activities. >> zar if praised the government of iran for helping iran and other world leaders reach the agreement. a judge sentenced a hospital worker to 39 years in prison for infecting dozens of patients with hepatitis c, david kwykowski admitted to stealing painkillers and replacing them. he was a cardiac technologist before his arrest
for the chinese. china sees its space program as a symbol of its growing status and technological advancement. the sky is the limit. china aims to establish a permanent space station by 2020 and eventually send a man to the moon. thought they'd delivery of your internet shopping was too slow, you are going to love this. the head of amazon has just unveiled the future of deliveries. dronests octocopter mini- to fly small packages to consumers in just 30 minutes. the plan will require safety testing and approval, but amazon says it would be up and running within four years to five years. we will leave you with that. you are watching "france 24." the wave of the future. >> he scored his 10th and 11th goals of the season, both for ammered theirpsg h sunday. 4-0 on >> after we score the first goal, we relaxed a little and played good football. it became easier because we have so much talent on the team. we put in a good performance. >> i think after one year and a couple of months, you get to know the teammates better. it is normal that you play better. a more time you spend together, the more tim
responsive. >> news organizations will pay for access. drone technology is tremendously cheaper. the model i use is only a few hundred dollars, it can be flown with a mobile app. the point of entry as which a journalist can figure how to use it is very low and the cost very low. >> journalists armed with available drones have already run into the long arm of the law. in june, a africa newsman was arrested. >> in august with, police in switzerland were caught by a photographer. in both cases, journalists were criticized for chasing famous faces. given that the media are often accused of being in the private moments of the famous, where do the paparazzi get these? they already have them. there are laws from meeking up to someone's windows --o9[kv bay of rainbokenneth bae kennet schiff tÑ >> hello, welcome to al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz in new york. merrill newman is back on u.s. soil. the korean war veteran has his long-awaited homecoming after being detained in north korea. >> cheers greet french troops in the central african republic. >> finally as a family we are humbled by the m
captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> woodruff: technology giants, lead by google and microsoft, call for limits on the scope of government spying. good evening, i'm judy woodruff. >> ifill: and i'm gwen ifill. also ahead, how islamist fighters in syria are taking the lead, but also splintering the fight to topple the assad regime. >> woodruff: and, rock legend carlos santana, on a life of music and inspiration. >> real musicians remind the listener of a forgotten song inside them and when you hear that forgotten song you know you get chills, you get tears, you dance and didn't even know why. >> woodruff: those are just some of the stories we're covering on tonight's "pbs newshour." >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions
church. for years the national transportation safety board wants technology to prevent derailments caused by excessive speed and in 2008 congress passed a law giving railroad until 2015 for positive control systems and they are designed to prevent human error which is the cause of 40% of train accidents. but since they are pretty expensive and a bit complicated to install, railroads want to push back the deadline by 5-7 years. but metro north is actually in the process of installing such a system and currently it does have an automatic train control system in place which allows the train to apply the brakes even if an engineer does not respond to an excessive speed alert. that train was headed to new york's grand central terminal where al jazeera's jennifer glass is covering the delays. jennifer do you have any idea when the trains will be backup and running? >> no, morgan, we don't. we know the transit authority will want to get them running as soon as possible because it's the second biggest line in the country and 26,000 on the hudson line which was effected but metropolitan are expect
ambassador says drone technology is becoming commonplace, not much more sophisticated than a toy model aircraft. he believes the u.n. will use many more of them. >> translation: other missions are saying, "we will need drones that would improve protection of soldiers to see if threats are out there and ensure protection of civilians." >> for now the u.n., and the drones in the congo are a one off. their effectiveness is being closely monitored. >> the democratic republic of congo has claimed close to 300 lives, some as a direct result because of disease and malnutrition. the vatican is refusing a request about clenchy sexually abusing children. a survey was sent asking about details of abuse cases. the vatican said such information is confidential. the holly seer will not reveal the information unless requested by government or state for league at processing proceedings. >>> pope francis will meet with the cardinal he picked to help reform the church. it's the second day of church. a church spokesperson says they are working on an indepth revision. six continents are represented on the
jazeera, kabul, afghanistan. >> the world's biggest technology companies are demanding to u.s. surveillance laws. they have written an open letter to president obama and they say the government needs to preserve people's trust in the internet. what are they demanding and are they proposing reforms. >> reporter: that's a good question, but first what they're demanding from the u.s. government is five principles to be respected. the core principles is the end to the mass data collecting. we've learned from edward snowdon is the collecting and storing. they say that has to end. there has to be more of a legal framework and more accountability and transparency about these operations. they're very worried. these internet companies say they're worried as a result customers around the world simply aren't going to use their services if there is going to be a direct line to the government. as you suggested there are questions that aren't addressed. for stars, why do these companies collect so much information about us in the first place. maybe if they didn't collect so much informat
resources technology and media tend to turn to industry me a note isms which then spread sparking worries that the french line which is being watered down. some native speakers have a hard time thinking of french translations are commonly used english words. stamps are this is a few small pots it was. boy some close ups as philly's own way. let us instead of. if league action it's important to make an entrance. you see the contents or the french language and they don't reject foreign religions that every country has an identity as a protected act out the front is broadcasting watchdog agrees its meeting on monday to discuss the pretty freakin of wrongdoing in the media and the reference on tv. that's really the sports music in boston. what a mime all his calls and nigeria seems to be on course to become africa's biggest economy with an average annual growth rate of around six or seven percent over the past decade. it looks set to overtake south africa today am speaking to the woman who's in charge of this rising economic power and cozy up onto it we are not is the finance minister of nige
to discuss amazon's vision for drone technology is tech crunch writer, alex wilhelm. great to speak to you. what do you think about this? what's the potential here? the applications? is this fundamentally down the road a few years a game changer? >> yeah. well, they are very confident this will happen. you have to realize the scale of amazon. they don't do things in small ways. if they are going to deploy this, they are going to do it on a wide scale. presuming the technology advances as it has internally at am zon and the f.a.a. gets it in place, i don't see how this doesn't come very large in about five years. >> how about some of the issues here, the drawbacks, the idea of hacking into those things? those things falling out of the sky, liability. >> fear mongering. >> what do you thing? >> amazon is a smart company. they built awv, the backbone of much of the internet. i am pretty sure they can build a drone that can't be hacked. these are small issues compared to what technology could do for consumers. >> usual not worried about this thing being hacked by one of us? you are worried abo
built during and sent roman times and using technology like 3d scanners and remote control and laser beams they want to see the under groundwater ways. >> translator: and the path of many acducts is not known and the reason is the ancient romans wanted to protect waterways by building these under ground to prevent enemies from cutting their water supplies. >> reporter: most did not survive the test of time but water flows nicely right next to the spanish steps and they were build in 19 before christ and supplying rome with water and it's kilometers away and 2000 years later it's still in use and yet the path and structure remain a bit of a mystery. this is where the water flows into. some of rome's most famous found tans, a celebration of the water that allowed rome to prosper and conquer the world. a few miles away the aquaduct cloud still stands. this was one of the aquaduct mapped by an archeologist who drew a map of this in the 1920s, a starting point for today's archeologist. >> translator: we traveled all over on foot or on chariots asking for people of signs of the aquaduct
. the chinese come back to show what technological capability they have. show economic might and demonstrate to the world that they, too, can be tech knoll onlyicly advanced. they can use it as a stepping moon. >> we must be able to learn more with current technology than what we had the in '70s. >> some at nasa say china's mission could interfere with nasa's probe orbiting the meal. >> with the, the mission sent up in september is studying the exosphere, the environment around the moon and the dust on the surface of the moon. any disturbance of either of those environments could throw a monkey wrench into the satellite. the ro propellant as it makes its way down to the surface will put a lander on the surface, the propellant that slows down the environment will pollute the environment. the principal scientist is not happy. it presents another alternative, and that is we can study how quickly the propel ants dissipate out of the environment. >> it will be exciting to have anything on the moon after a long time. >> the show may be over on the website, facebook or check check >> excessive spee
transportation experts have been talking about this technology that may have prevented the crash. can you tell us a little bit more about that. . >> good morning, stephanie. it's called positive train control. it's a safety system that congress has mandated for the railroads. it is supposed to be in place by the end of 2015. it is partially a computer system, but it uses gps, and senators on the train and tracks. we talked with ntsb board member earlier today about this system. >> positive train control, which is a -- a technical name for a system that prevents trains from occupying the same set of tracks. it does provide signals for the train to slow. we don't know if that would have made a difference in this accident. we'll certain be looking at that. >> this is a very complicated and expensive system to install. metro north which ran the train has already told the federal government it will not make the 2015 deadline. it wants an extra three years. so stephanie any system like this is still a ways away. >> lisa, meanwhile the investigation continues. you mentioned speed is a factor. what is th
his time in prison. mars - giving doctors an inside look at his patient's brain. the technology making indepth probes >> bernie madoff says prison is like summer camp. the master mind. largest ponsy scheme in history was interviewed by "the wall street journal" and says they should have known better. madoff says: >> you're about to enter a computer imaging simulator that can take you in the brain, deep into the ocean or fly you over the surface of mars. it may look like an unemployment video game, but it's anything but. >> in this stunning 320 degree cabin of pixels data coles to life. numbers transform into a flight, skipping the surface of farmars known as the cave-2, this environmental was dreamt up by computer scientists at the electronic visualisation lab. >> think of a project room or a war room where you hang up pieces of paper or photographs, and you tape them to the wall and see lots of data at the same time. today it is all stored in computers. rather than print them out, we wanted electronic walls where you can explain information. >> the cave-2 can transform data in the br
consequences in the near future. >>> a people tested by politics and history. innovators whose technologies spread around the world. artists who capture imaginations of audiences everywhere. these are the faces of south korea. nhk world updates you on what's happening wednesday and thursday here on "newsline." >>> a commuter train and a truck carrying gasoline collided near the indonesian capital of jakarta. at least four people have been killed. the collision occurred at a crossing in the city. the truck was carrying 24,000 liters of gasoline. it exploded in flames. the railway operator says at least four people have been killed and about 90 others injured. a local tv station quoted witnesses as saying the crossing gate was not lowered on one side of the tracks. >>> hundreds of riders have set fire to police vehicles in singapore after a bus hit and killed a bangladeshi worker. 18 people, including police, were injured. mainly foreign workers rioted on sunday night. the district is populated by indian and bangladeshi workers. police and security forces were deployed to contain the riot. 27
want a united venezuela. >>> technology companies are demanding, surveillance, written have written an open letter to president barack obama and the congress saying we understand government has a duty to protect their citizens but this summer's revelations, highlighted the need to release government surveillance worldwide. they went on to add the balance has slipped on the way to the state and away from the individual, this undermines the freedomfreedoms we all cherish. and it's also emerged that some of those same companies and their customers have been infiltrated by intelligence agencies. microsoft's x box live network was one of them. under cover officers allegedly used games like world of war craft and second life to scout out potential informants. checked communications between millions of x box gamers. shi has more. >> the more we learn about the scale of the national security agency stages, the less likely we're to trust them. they are calling for the end of bulk data collection, after hoovering up of our international usage, around also more transparency and accountability
to be sharing in cost and technology. the potential issue would be with the frequent flier program right? which is going to be about 100 million people in the new combined entity. by the way delta was number 1, now they become number 1. i think biggest issue we have to grapple with, is what is to become of that? i just got a letter the next year for american is going to be business as usual. same thing for u.s. air. i think it is going to be several months -- >> can i propose something a bigger issue for folks? jarrod, are we likely to see higher ticket prices? >> this is a great statistic, a lot of folks have asked me that the last couple of weeks. did you know ticket prices are down 50% since 1980, can according to airlines for america, they are a good outfit, 50% decrease, by the way gas prices are up 35% and there has been a ton of consolidation. what will lead to higher ticket prices is oil. and if oil prices rise, if diesel prices rise, which is basically what jet fuel is that's where you're going to see the rise in ticket prices in my opinion. >> i'm going to jump ahead. give me your ide
railroad had a particular technology that monitors the brakes and keeps it from going against the speed limit and more on that in the 7:00 hour. >> thank you. sunday's derailment is the third time this year that metro north is the subject of an ntsb investigation and they are looking into metro north safety procedures after two previous accidents. on may 17 more than 70 people were injured when a metro north train derailed in bridge port, connecticut and struck by another train and two weeks later a man was killed under construction and we will hear more about the derailment investigation. decision day for detroit and a federal judge is expected to announce if the city is eligible for bankruptcy protection and the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in u.s. history and we are joining you from detroit to explain and this is just not about corporate debt movering and could hit residents very hard, couldn't it? >> that is right thomas, good morning to you, there are retirees who used to work for the city and right now they are on edge and i talked to a lot of legal experts about this case
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know the web spite is going to get fixed. the technology is going to eventually happen what we are do yotalking about now is the acces and affordability of obamacare. people's premiums are likely to go up, people's deductibles are going to go up, the access around to getting to their doctor is going to be troublesome and i think that is what you will see, along with the security and lack thereof of the exchanges. >> woodruff: so woodhouse, you hear what he is saying, either the web site is fixed and working very well, it is the other parts of this law that are going to create problems. >> well, judy, these are just scare tactics, remember you are talking to the same people who said there was going to be death panels as part of this law, first of all, let me say this, democrats are not running away from this law, all of the political committees on the democratic side and the white house announced aggressive and offensive efforts to promote this law and to hold republicans accountable, frankly judy for sabotage, we have republican governors throughout this country who have been given a
up the city commission should also make sure nuclear technology is only used for peaceful purposes such as power generation and research the experts plan to finalize their recommendations next week. thousands of workers go inside japan's damage nuclear plant every day but the rarely gets a glimpse of what they do. nhk world you it still cuts a while went inside the focal she met dani to class to take a closer look as teams continue the dangerous and complicated job of removing fuel rods from one of the reactor buildings. this is the heart of japan. you people see anymore. we approach these are the guides by bus accompanied by total electorate top company officials. now we approach into the checkpoint said by me smile. this is about the potty km from which the guide to new clip poplar and be on here. access is severely restricted. there were visitors from central center of his website. if phoenix to port eighty one wants to get closer to the dummy reactors is to put on for second key. waters removing spent fuel rods from a pool to be out of the field this unit suffered a meltdown. r
and then taking on these costs is getting the set is this constant target to become more technologically savvy minded funds that the great thing about some poll that matters to provincetown to leave a pot to paris on the rounds of the country but all say they've teamed up with the american embassy for instance the wall in the economy before it was potentially sending out some of the students and adults to the us to get more opportunities to learn and to carry out them that these crosses again or as we speak right now twenty eight students have had a month's worth of cutting and then enjoyed a strong and tough on us and the american embassy of pakistan who else is behind these kind of initiatives and it's a very interesting partnership of the doubt is another one which it which i don't hear about is called yum which is the young the minutemen project straight from sweden and actually break when its views come from the plane from sweden to paris when that when the swedish ambassador to the strong support this claim it. i guess it's a way to the entrepreneurs together as in the seventies the youn
. >> the current president of the u.n. security council, the french ambassador, says drone technology is commonplace, not much more sophisticated than a toy model aircraft. he believes the u.n. will end up using many more of them. >> translation: there are other missions saying already, we will need drones that will improve protection of soldiers to see if threats are out there and ensure protection of civilians. >> for now, the u.n. says the drones in the congo are a one-off but their effectiveness is being monitored. >> the u.s. city of detroit has been given the go ahead to file for bankruptcy. it's a below to trade unions who challenged the decision because it paves the way for spending cuts. pensions could be cut and city assets sold to pay off $18 billion debt. >> every year 3,000 people in sweden end up in hospital following cycling accidents. it hasn't encouraged people to wear hements, but a new invention could change lies. >> about 85,000 people ride bike daily, but only a third wear he'll mments. >> why should you wear a helmet. i crashed with a helmet. it cracked in two pi
made ground work for cinematography. once technology caught up with the art, modern day film as we know it, or talkies were born. and silent film effectively disappeared. the golden age of the american silent film lasted from 1912 to 1939. during that period nearly 11,000 movies were made. but most can't be seen today. only a quarter have survived in this their entirety. a lot of them in a lower quality than the original format. another 5% incomplete. one of them is this version of cleopatra. the minutes are preserved and now prized as a cinematic classic. the latest study released blames decay and neglect for the loss. the first generation of film stock was made of nitrate, but movie studios have also played a role in destroying prints and negatives, and along with it a part of history. >>> fantastic. let's talk more about this now with michael hogan. he joins us live from new york. michael good to have you with us. this is a tragedy, isn't it? a cultural legacy lost. >> thank you. well, it is. you know, there are 11,000 of these films were made, that's almost 600 a year, and to think
. they are an inspiration, and could inspire technology i of the future despite being one of the most loathed insect. we explain the new-found interest. >> the cockroach roamed the planet to 100 million years, developing extraordinary abilities. it can run 1.5 metres a second, climb walls and move quickly with precision in the dark. they have attracted the attention of scientists. >> one thing it can teach us is how the mechanical stim -- system is tuned. the legs are springy, allowing them to roddickalize. >> they are interested in how the antennas work. they make use of hairs which feel and group as the cockroach moves. >> we are trying to understand how we can translate principles of cann mall notion to build better search and residue robots in environments that, for example, responders cannot get to. rubble after an earthquake or pros tetics, and how we can think about the interplay between the nervous system of the animals and mechanics in their body. understanding how it works in terms of physical and nervous system is a first step. researchers hope to bring the extraordinary ability to a new gen
comfortable home. and eats putar technology enterprise zone, where tax rates are low and creativity is high. >> they left sill can valley for this city famous for its steel. >> . >> there's reasons to stay. >> it is the pittsburgh miracle. it became year in the 80's, market portions working to replace the steel industry, through regulation and a partnership between government, industry, and universities the city clawed back. >> i cannot recall pittsburgh saying they want to be like somebody else. >> the history is always busiest loyal to their hometown, helped them become a leadner healthcare. >> to celebrate it, they are going to indicate the success, so much as a last of failure, pittsburgh rates 50 second out of the u.s.' 100 largest cities. based on job growth, unemployment, y.d.p. and home prices. >> such a huge disparities of wealth, that plague modern america. the try reveals failure. emotional leaders he says only a national plan to get jobs and equitable growth will do. >> 2500 homeless children in this area. you have an infant mortality right among the african-american population
high. meanwhile, south korea's kospi added 1% with technology shares lending support on higher d-ram chip prices. australia's insurers plunged after having a plunge. the financials also sold off. amp down by 2.3% and westpac lower by 1.33%. >> sixuan, catch you later. coming up on today's show, the future of fuel. they'll look at their policy on growing crops for biofuel. american airlines and u.s. airways have moved closer to their megamerger. >>> tech giants unite. they're calling for major changes in u.s. government surveillance. do they have their own questions to answer when it comes to data. >>> plus, it's another race against the clock for u.s. congress. they're trying to agree on a budget deal before christmas. take a look at what's at stake amidst a talk of a truce. >>> the european commission has told ukraine's president that a political solution is needed after hundreds of thousands of demonstrators protested against his government for the second weekend in a row. it's a subject of discussion. julia is in brussels. jules, it was a great dismay when the ukraine pulled b
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with technology. get the new flexcare platinum from philips sonicare and save now. philips sonicare. >> welcome back. could a revolution be brew ing inukraine. >> hundreds of thousands of people protesting the government at the moment. it's been going on for days and the demonstrations are getting more and more heated. >> oh. >> that was a rather nasty encounter as you can tell between a cameraman and a police officer. protesters meanwhile blocking government offices, also calling now for a nationwide strike. this is getting out of hand. they're upset with their president's decision to basicallyion the european union and move back towards russia. now they're calling for him to get pushed out. cnn's phil black is in kiev monitoring things. phil, this started as we said, with a disagreement among the populace how close to get to europe and the like. but this is developing into something quite different. one protest leader saying this is not a protest. this is a revolution. >> michael, that's exactly what this crowd behind me was cheering, screaming out together as one just a few seconds before yo
that are important for innovation technology and friends dogs but now i can in order to finance that it needs to reduce its spending and spending means also sent spends thirty billion on our own training and professional training every year. has anyone ever look at who gets these thirty million billion when they did the same in germany now i'm german maybe i'm biased but what if god is that most of that money was given to those who need it nice full colonel in the morning. one look at unemployment benefits. how can it be that when you are when you make a lot of money and i'm not talking about people who have to sneak them who were being fired from her in all a factory somewhere where it is easy. i'm talking about all the people around in paris who make very nice time if they get up to seven thousand euros was designed at the end i didn't think it was less than why do you pay money i the attack that left hazel. i am talking with a mind taking a wait the system. the system is skewered in that dolan who needed east. get most out of the system and back not comment. for me and to see me in your ey
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